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In the last decade worsening public security in Hungary as well as rapid changes in company ownership fostered the need for the activity of quality security service companies providing safeguarding of assets and private investigative services. Although our company belongs to a "younger generation" on the market, our clients are some of the biggest and most well known names operating in Hungary. The reason for their confidence in us is that Shield Protection Service handles all tasks with the highest levels of secrecy and professionalism possible.

Our colleagues are well-trained specialists, who are well aware of the challenges of our times. Private investigations are managed by retired and former police officers, who have great experience in investigating crime. Our professional bodyguards guarantee the personal protection of individuals. The safeguarding of assets and property is handled with help of highly qualified and reliable property guards. During the evaluation and selection of company employees on our Clients' side, a team of psychologists are ready to help in providing professional assistance. In all cases we are responsible for the reliability of our employees, for the professional quality of our activity and for the level of the performed work.

Our company is a member of the Chamber of Personal- and Property Protection and Private Investigation and is insured by Generali-Providencia Insurance Company. We charge differential, proportional and reasonable hourly rates or project rates for the work completed. With the help of our services, our clients, their companies and their families can feel absolutely safe in Hungary.

If our credentials have awoken your interest, or if you wish to consult with us on security matters, we are at your service and discretion. Please visit us in Budapest, or call us.

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